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Annual General Meeting

Date: Wednesday 8 June 2022


Time: 5pm – 6pm


Location: Committee Room 13

Bambos Charalambous MP
Lord (Martin) Rees 
Baroness (Manzila Pola) Uddin 
Lord (Des) Browne 
Lord (James) Selkirk 
Wera Hobhouse MP

Caroline Baylon [Secretariat]

New business:

  • The Chair of the APPG, Bambos Charalambous MP, confirmed that the meeting was quorate.


Election of the APPG’s Officers

  • Since all current Officers had been approached ahead of time to ask if they would like to be re-elected, even if they could not be present at the AGM, those present moved to re-elect all of the current Officers.

  • Baroness Uddin was elected as a Vice-Chair. 

  • On a separate note, several Members requested that a note be added to the minutes expressing their thanks to Natasha Brian, who has now left the APPG Secretariat in order to take another role elsewhere, for her hard work and dedication.

Approval of the Income and Expenditure Statement 

  • The Income and Expenditure Statement for the reporting period from February 12 2021 to February 11 2022 was approved.

  • Lord Browne asked if, given that an accountant has been paid to review the accounts, if he could provide a certification statement.  Caroline Baylon from the Secretariat said that she would check with the accountant.

Discussion of the APPG’s work programme

  • Caroline Baylon from the Secretariat provided a short update on the APPG’s ongoing engagement with the Ukrainian Parliament, and solicited feedback from Members on what aspects might be most useful to them.

  • Several of the Members, including Baroness Uddin, Ms Hobhouse, and Lord Browne, expressed a strong interest in engaging with the Ukrainian Parliament and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)-driven project to develop scenarios involving the reconstruction of Ukraine.

  • The discussion then turned to other topics that Members would like to see from the APPG in the coming year.  Lord Browne expressed a strong interest in food security, as well as around the future-proofing of policy.

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