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Rights of Future Generations

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

The All-Party Parliamentary Group for Future Generations co-ordinated a cross-party letter from Members of Parliament to the UK Attorney General on what rights should be afforded to future generations.

Research was conducted by the Legal Priorities Project.

We are grateful to all those MPs who undersigned the letter which was co-signed by the APPG's Chair, Lord John Bird and Vice-Chair, Simon Fell MP.

The Attorney General's Response is below.

We welcome the response from the Attorney General and the acknowledgment that Parliament must protect our future generations.

However, we believe that the Attorney General’s suggestion that the “mechanisms in place” are not sufficient; rather the APPG is looking to ensure that make our “statutory framework proposed” more practicable and effective, etc, especially through the 'Wellbeing of Future Generations Bill' which is being taken forward by Lord John Bird in the House of Lords, and Simon Fell MP in the House of Commons. Moreover, Mr. Ellis places an emphasis on climate change policies in the third paragraph – whilst we welcome these commitments, our concerns are broader than that.

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