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The APPG aims to create space for cross-party dialogue on combating short-termism and to identify ways to internalise concern for future generations into today’s policy making.


It is vitally important for our children’s children (and beyond) that Parliament and the public sector consider the long-term. Political short-termism can cause topics with widespread ramifications for the UK and beyond – like climate change, public health trends and catastrophic and existential risks – to be neglected from the political agenda in favour of urgent matters. In the modern world, with a rapidly accelerating rate of technological change, this is becoming ever more of a crucial issue.


We were established in October 2017 with the support from the Centre for the Study of Existential Risk.


Since then we have provided support to Parliamentarians across the political spectrum.

We do this by holding speaker events and discussion roundtables.


We bring together policy, academic and industry communities to share cutting-edge research and discuss policy approaches to representing future generations.

We collate briefings on scientific research to better inform Parliamentarians on catastrophic risks and potential policy options. . See more about our research here.

Network building

Network Building. We identify key partners and build a strategic network of parliamentarians, academics, industry stakeholders and other APPGs. We are currently supporting The Lord Bird with the 'Today for Tomorrow' Campaign for a Future Generations Pledge campaign.

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