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8 June 2022
27 March 2022
A Conversation with Ukrainian Parliamentarians
13 December 2021
The AI Alignment Problem
30 November 2021
Robot Rights
19 November 2021
Animal Rights
18 November 2021
How can we push corporations to be socially responsible? with Nobel laureate Prof Oliver Hart
10 September 2021
UK Wide Future Generations Commission Launch
2 June 2021
Inquiry into Long-termism in Policymaking: Health Inequalities with Prof Michael Marmot and Prof Juliette Malley
8 June 2021
Launch of Future Proof with Centre for Long Term Resilience
11 May 2021
Inquiry into Long-termism in Policymaking: Inequalities with Prof Angus Deaton
27 April 2021
2 March 2021 
25th January 2021 - 28th January 2021
9 November 2020
Consequences of COVID-19 For Future Generations: UK's National Strategy for the Next Generations
29 October 2020
Inquiry into Long-termism in Policymaking: Climate Change
26 October 2020
27 July 2020
23 July 2020
Inquiry into Long-termism in Policymaking: Education
16 June 2020
Inquiry into Long-termism: Cybersecurity
May 2020
Inquiry into Long Termism: Defence
April 2020
Inquiry into Long-Termism: Poverty and Prevention
March 2020
Inquiry into Long-Termism: An Infrastructure Focus
March 2020
Inquiry into Long-Termism: The Civil Service
February 2020
Future Biosecurity: Pandemics, Infectious Diseases and Beyond, Considering Trends in Globalisation and Emerging Technologies
January 2020
September 2019
Round-table on an Inquiry into Long-Termism in Policy
June 2019
May 2019
December 2018
Nuclear Risks and Global Governance
November 2018
Environmental Resource Management for Future Generations
September 2018
July 2018
June 2018
January 2018
APPG Launch Event
'If future generations could speak to Parliament...'
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