Risk Management in the UK: What Can We Learn from COVID-19 and are we Prepared for the Next Disaster?

February 2021

This paper was researched and produced by Sam Hilton and Caroline Baylon, Research affiliates at the Centre for the Study of Existential Risk, who also provide the Secretariat for the APPG for Future Generations.  In preparing this paper, they draw on both desk research and in-depth interviews with twelve current and former civil servants from across relevant departments, including the Cabinet Office, the Ministry of Defence and Public Health England. These meetings mostly took place in 2019, prior to COVID-19. This paper has forewords written by Government frontbench Minister, Graham Stuart MP & Labour frontbench Minister, Bambos Charalambous MP. We launched this paper at a virtual event for Parliamentarians which was attended by a BBC journalist, over 32 cross-party Parliamentarians and senior civil servants from Cabinet Office and Civil Contingency Secretariat.



Policy making for the long-term: Literature and stakeholders

October 2019

This paper is written to advise members and the secretariat of the APPG on Future Generations about groups calling for improvements to policy making processes in the UK in order to protect future generations, and set out some of the key changes being called for.

Lessons for a UK Future Generations Bill

Summer 2019

This paper was written to advise members of the APPG on Future Generations and others, of relevant considerations for a UK Future Generations Bill.

Rights and Representation of Future Generations in United Kingdom Policy-Making (pre-print) 

February 2018

This paper lead to the creation of the APPG. It looks at options for representing future generations in UK policymaking and draws on an analyses case studies from Singapore, Finland, Hungary, Israel, Scotland and Wales.

We have also produced a short update looking at how things have changed with these global future generations institutions over 2018-19. See: Policy Bodies for the Future: Where Are They Now?

Managing Technological Risks for the Future: report of the APPG for Future Generations 

Summary paper setting out the findings and recommendations that arose from the APPGs initial event series on technology and risk over 2018-19.

Inquiry into Long-termism

We are running an inquiry into how UK policy making today considers the long-termism. The inquiry is lead by a cross-party steering committee of 5 MPs and 3 Peers and chaired by Bambos Charalambous MP. See the Terms of Reference here.

If you are an MP, Peer, or Parliamentary staff please get in touch via

Why are food shortages not listed as a risk in the National Risk Register? 

June 2021

This paper was researched and produced by Sam Hilton, Research Affiliate at the Centre for the Study of Existential Risk, University of Cambridge, who also provides the Secretariat for the APPG for Future Generations, and Sahil Shah, specialist researcher on food security, ALLFED and Jahn Research.