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Future Check is a citizen-led service supported by the APPG for Future Generations and the School of International Futures.


It’s designed to help parliamentarians, policymakers and the public consider the long-term impact of proposed legislation.


Future Check is conducted by volunteers on legislation identified by the APPG for Future Generations as being a top priority.


Each Future Check uses a structured methodology across over 40 impact areas and is reviewed by at least one other volunteer before being reported by the APPG to parliamentarians and the public


A Future Check can’t guarantee to find all of the potential consequences of a policy or make a final judgement of whether the policy is fair or unfair to

people now and in the future. But it can highlight issues that might not be visible at first glance and create conversations about the future we want to

shape through our actions today.


Alongside impacts and policy gaps, the Future Check outlines questions and amendments that Parliamentarians may use to increase the long-term focus of the proposed legislation.

Research in the UK (and around the world) shows strong support for increased fairness towards future generations by both citizens and politicians. However, there is a lack of information around how policies may impact people over the long term and no voting constituency for the future. Future

Check is a first step towards changing this.




We envision a time when all UK government policies are assessed for their impact on future generations by an expert body, before they reach parliament.


These assessments should be independent, robust, sufficiently resourced and accountable to the public. They should also be informed by a national dialogue about the questions at hand. What is our vision for the future? What do today’s and tomorrow’s generations need and value? What action do we want the government to take to increase fairness to future generations?

Why Is Future Check Important?

What Comes After Future Check?

To Learn More and Get Involved

Future Check is adapted under Creative Commons license for non-commercial use from the Framework for Intergenerational Fairness, created by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and School of International Futures. The framework – which allows for the systematic evaluation of public policies for intergenerational fairness – can be applied by national and local government, international organisations, foundations, businesses and special interest groups. Policies that are fair from an intergenerational standpoint allow people of all ages to meet their needs in the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs in the future.


Next Stage: Committee Stage

Read our Future Check here

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