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13th May 2020

Britain's flawed approach towards existential risk needs to change radically in the wake of this crisis.

Rethinking Security Blog


27 July 2020

'Existential Risk and The Wellbeing of Future Generations'

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12th February 2020

The draft legislation was introduced to MPs and peers in a packed House of Lords reception as it secured the backing of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Future Generations.

Cumbria Crack

14th February 2020

Barrow MP backs bill to ensure opportunities are made available to all generations.

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19th March 2019

When politicians fail to look beyond the next election – or even the latest tweet – they are neglecting the rights of future generations, argues public philosopher Roman Krznaric.

The campaign for a Future Generations Bill has also been covered in: i news, The House, The Guardian, and The Financial Times

Catalunya Ràdio


10th February 2020

The world we want for those who are yet to be born [in Catalan]

Why Politics Needs to Look Beyond the Short-Term

31st October 2017

In today’s world of nuclear threats, Brexit constant political scandals you could be forgiven for falling into the mindset of political short-termism. However, this often means that equally important, longer-term considerations are correspondingly neglected.

Press Release

22nd January 2018

Students and MPs join forces to launch Westminster's FIRST group for Future Generations

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